Main activities & most important works by the ministry of water Resources was rehabilitated of ecological system for Iraqi Marshes to the maximum level with supporting of local residents & biodiversity, after desiccation of the marshes & displacement of their residents  by  the former regime that he fall on 2003/4/9. So, it had been established of specialized center entitle (Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshlands) to begin the restoration of Marshlands according to Minister of Water Resources Declaration on 2003/9/16.


Tasks of CRIMW:-


According to article (12) of Ministry of water resources judgment no. (50) On 2008 & article no.(1) of the first modification that it had mentioned above no.(4) on 2010. It had been specified of the tasks that they involved with the ministry like Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshes & Wetlands tasks as the following:-  


  • Management, coordination & Monitor restoration of the marshes programs implementation by the cooperation with local & international residents in coordination with national & international Organizations that they have relevant of the marshes & work with the administrative units in three southern governorates (Missan, Thi-Qar, Basra) to wise use for the water & sustainable development technique.

  • Follow up for daily activities that involved with restoration of the marshes water levels, collect the samples to analysis of water & soil, monitor & documentation the growth of plants, movement of population with their economic activities, discharges the water to the marshes, quantities of  internal water with discharges of their outlets.

  • Implementing & following up the projects in the marshes (constructing of regulators to regulate of water management process inside the marshes, crosses, embankment & clarification of channel water) also, to utilize from available water rations (as drainage water), discharge & improve their quality to use it in re-flooding.

  • Following up of historical changes by using of remote sensing, analysis & classification of satellite images for flooded areas to claim of the rights from local & regional water incomes.

  • Sustaining of environmental integration & classification of the district as national park.

  • Coordination of relevant offices with highlighting on the cultural & archaeological sites.

  • Aiming to construct of integration environmental healthy (water, soil, air) long-term & promoting of integration environmental techniques.


Center for the Restoration of Iraqi Marshes & Wetlands works 


CRIMW undertook  the  following up & monitoring on  re-flooding of  the marshes since their  inception, center participated actively in re-flooding on hydrology ,environmental,  economic & service  levels by many projects , on 2003 they achieved many studies on the marshes to consider on district situation & changes that it had been made after the desiccation for  preparing the plans to provide their needs, on 2004 it had held  a cooperation agreement with ministry of cultural & memorandum of understanding with minister of Iraqi environment & other with ministry of agriculture to highlight on importance of the marshes to encourage of governmental institutions to submit the service & achieving the projects for the residents. on 2005, works of CRIMW divided in two divisions, the first to achieve of different studies in many fields (environmental, hydrology, economic) to make wise vision to re-flooded as study of radio pollution effects on the marshes, because of consecutive wars that it happened in district  that it was clear from pollution in addition to detailed studies on management techniques & re-flooding each marsh from the main marshes (Al-Hwizeh, Al- Hammar, Abu Zarag, Centeral Marshes) with treatment  of pollution  techniques to improve of eco-social status for the residents.

 The second division included implementation of different projects like construction of regulators, culverts, bridges (walkers & vehicles) & clarification of nourishing channels for the marshes.

On 2006, according to environmental & civilization importance for the marshes, it had allocated additional amounts within main service plan by council of ministries in addition to utilization plan for the ministry so, the activities distributed from implementation of projects & studies since 2006 till now with two mentioned plans in addition to purchase of agricultural initiative by the prime minister on 2008. Also, the activities weren’t limited on the projects above but , they implemented & supported many of projects in a cooperation with the countries & donors organizations during the past years where, the center made by supported  from Italian party & many of other ministries achieved a socio – economic hydrology completed study for the marshes entitle (master Plan ) included designs of constructions (regulators) outlets, inlets of the marshes under implementation currently by the center to control on their outlets & inlets to monitor of water levels to reduce the negative effects for water scarcity in future  with  activating the perfect management techniques for the water, also, they had been installed many of hydrology monitor stations to provide the information on quality & levels of water in the marshes. The Japanese implemented an environmental management for the marshes in a cooperation with UNEP, Environmental Save, ESTIS Technology information system & Phyto-technology Projects to use of perfect technology environmentally by using phyto-technology in purification of polluted the water in addition to monitor & improve the quality of a Main Drain Water project to use this technique with Remote Sensing Technique Project for monitoring the process environmentally in the marshes to participate actively in limitation of flooding levels in different seasons . We would like to refer that the ministry aim by continuous working to highlight on the marshes importance & their international role on the environment. On 2008 they succeeded to involve of Al-Hawizeh Marsh as a National Park with Ramsar Convention for Wetlands. On 2012, they had been changed name of the Center to Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshlands to be Center of Restoration of Iraqi Marshes & Wetlands according to their addition tasks with Ramsar Convention according to the rule no.(1) / 2012, the second modification legislation for the ministry law no.50 / 2008 , that it had been published in (Al-Waqa,a Al Iraqia)  no. 4229 - 2012/2/6 that included the cancel of item (n) from clause of rule (8) of law that it had mentioned above.

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