Summary of the Iraqi Marshes

Iraqi Marshes locate in Basra, Thi-Qar & Missan Governorates as a surface water with different depth between 50 cm – 4 m,contain of reeds & papyrus plants thickly with unique huge animal & plant wealth.Iraqi Marshes faced the larges desiccation & environmental destroyed process during modern age  at the beginning of 1970s , for many reasons :  Political, Military , security  &economic reasons likeoil extractionall of these reasons led to disappearance a vast areas & converted them to arid lands . Many of failed tries had been made for reclamation them . on 2002,  only 10% of the marshlands remained from total survey of permanent marshlands on 1973 with an area 8350 km2 .

After falling of former regime on April 2003 , Ministry of Water Resources by Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshes & Wetlands had prepared plans & took the real procedures to return back the water to the marshes by made outlets through embankment with opened of tailed regulators that they had been closed previously & clarification of two closed dams on al- Misahhab & Al- Sallal rivers in Basra Governorate  with  open & clarification of nourishing scattered rivers with remove all constructions that they participated or used in desiccation process . The area currently required to be re – flooded 5560 km2 , selected according to factors & changes that it had been happened on the district with consideration of future conditions by incomes of water quantities for Tigris & Euphrates rivers & other factories while the rest of the marshes were excluded .

Re- flooded process witnessed noticed progress during past years, percentage of flooded reach to 70% on 2007. However, Iraq & the region are vulnerable of  drought led to decrease of water imports for the main rivers & decline of this percentage during 2008 , 2009 but , currently procedures by the Ministry & CRIMW specially to use  water for restoration vast part of Al-Hammar marshes & Ghliween as practical application to wise use for the water before discharge them to the Gulf as it was previously , in addition to construct on the Euphrates in Al- chibayish city to convert the water in Al- Hammar & Central Marshes. All these procedures participated to re – flooded of avast areas& return back of a large parties from the marshes .