Al –Hwizeh Marsh locates in the south-eastern part of Iraq in two governorates Mayssan & Basrah along the Iraqi-Iranian borders from the east while Al-Mishrrah, Al-Khaala & Qurnah cities are located along the western side for this Marsh.

Al-Mishrrah & Al-Kahlaa Rivers with their three branches (Al-Hseechi, Um Altoos & Al-Zubair) are the main feeders for the marshes by Iraqi side, while the outlets of the marsh consist of Al-Kassara & Al-Sweeb outlets where two regulators are constructed to control on marsh discharges & develope of water management to extend of flooded areas percentage. Discharge of Al –Kassara Regulator is 125/sec toward Tigris river While, discharge of Al-Sweeb regulator is 200m/sec toward Shatt Al-Arab.

Length of the marsh is about 80km, width up to 30 km with total area 1377 km2.

Natural features of Al-Hawizeh:-

The large area with ​​the site, location, diversity of its sources of nutrition, diversity of the ecological and biological systems of this marsh makes the balance of the ecosystem in this marsh a significant influence on the balance of the general ecosystem of the region.


Natural features of Al-Hawizeh:-


  • Possess unique aesthetic features, such as Um Al Niaaj Pond, Al Sooda & Al-Idheem with other beautiful areas formed characterized by their biological diversity through the gathering of species, large numbers of migratory birds and settled in the marsh, as well as plantations of cane, papyrus which is formed by waterways a beautiful & Unique site.


  • The moorland is composed of river sediments from the humoral feedstocks and is part of the sedimentary plain formed by the clay fans.


  • Contribution to reduce of negative effects of desertification, climate change and improve the environmental reality of this region.


  • The Marsh has a large tourist value because of its unique nature and its scientific value, is frequented by many local and international researchers and research centers.


  • Contribution to supporting the local economy by increasing livestock, which is home to many animals, especially buffalo, which depends on the habitat of the marshes and is a major source of many milk and dairy products for the inhabitants of the marshes and neighbouring areas.


  • Contribution  to the development of the living conditions of the inhabitants of the villages and cities adjacent to the marshes and those who specialize in hunting and collecting reeds for the industry of the Hisran, cane houses and marshes characterized by the marshes.

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