The Minister of Water Resources Dr. Jamal Al-Adly, Headed the 12th meeting of the National Marshlands Management Committee as a World Heritage Property in the presence of members of the relevant ministries and civil society organizations.

The meeting discussed the completion of the requirements of the submission of the second national report of the Marshlands on the World Heritage list of UNESCO and the presentation of the actions taken in respect of the recommendations of the previous meeting and the intensification of the work of the community to educate and sensitize the local population. The Minister directed the formation of a committee of concerned ministries and international organizations to follow up the implementation and enforcement of laws to prevent overfishing of birds and fish in the water bodies in all governorates of Iraq and in coordination with the Ministry of Interior to preserve the ecological and ecological heritage of the Iraqi marshes. And the emphasis on winning Iraq's water rights and increase the releases to sustain the life of the marsh property through the formation of a ministerial committee of the combined parties to establish basic standards and negotiate with neighboring countries.


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