Since establishment of the center in 2004, the Center for the Restoration of the Marshlands and Wetlands has been developing the marshes and rehabilitating them after the drying over the past years.

The marshes have begun to rise again and breathe with water for a long time to paint day after day a wonderful painting combining the beauty of nature and the rootage of history and civilization.

The role of the Ministry of Water Resources is clear and pivotal in many aspects of the most prominent:-

1 - The local side includes the provision of service and development projects and the development of strategic plans, studies for the purpose of advancing the reality of the Marshlands.

2 - Hydrological side Provision of water quotas to restore the parts that were previously drying and drawing water policies based on Iraq’s annual and seasonal water imports to ensure the preservation of the ecological and ecological system in the marshes.

3 - The international aspect. It is one of the most important aspects and most influential at the external level.

The Ministry of Water Resources played a major role to joining the marshes to the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as its inclusion in Ramsar World Convention on Wetlands.


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