The Minister of Water Resources Jamal El-Adly visited Maysaan Province, to review the progress of the irrigation projects and the precautionary measures taken to treat the rain and flood waters and pass the potential flood waves towards the marshes.

He instructed to intensify the mechanical and engineering effort to deal with the flood in (Abu Khasaf) at (Bani Hashem) district to provide drinking water for the people of the area.

In addition the Minister visited to the Al-Hawizah marsh to see the status of water and the percentage of flooding achieved in the marshes, where he confirmed the high percentage of flood in Al-Hawizeh marsh in Maysaan to more than 90%.

 And that the ministry is serious in the implementation of several development projects in the marsh area to stimulate tourism and improve the economic situation and the standard of living of the inhabitants of the marshes as well as the exploitation of rain water and floods to increase the submerged areas and sustainability.


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